Visitor Testimonials

Visitors to Ambleside Gallery have recognized our gallery as a gem in the American Southeast since our opening. We are proud to bring the work of incredible artists to the bubbling, growing culture of Greensboro, NC.

All testimonials pulled from our TripAdvisor page.

Must-See Gallery:

Serious art lovers/collectors should take time to visit the Ambleside Gallery. The proprietor, Jackson Mayshark, is knowledgeable, engaging and hospitable . We appreciated very much his insights into the artists' backgrounds, techniques and aesthetic perspectives. The Guan Weixing watercolors were simply stunning.

Beautiful art and lovely staff/owners

They have an beautiful selection of art, worth looking around. They have prints as well as original art, we drop in every 1st Friday just to see what is new.

A hidden gem of the city:

The Artwork is top notch, Great atmosphere, a very welcoming owner. You won't be disappointed. If you find yourself in Greensboro NC stop by.

Appreciation for the finer things in life:

The experience is like walking into a uplifting sanctuary for the appreciation of artistic expression.

The Best Art Gallery in Town:

Ambleside is the best art gallery in Greensboro. It is a joy to take in the wonderful art in the gallery.

World Class Art:

I am always amazed that a gallery in my hometown has such fabulous art. The paintings by Guan Weixing alone are worth coming in to see. The owner is so hospitable and kind, and whether you are buying or just looking, you will be treated with respect.