Sarah Watts

“For me, painting is an experience of exquisite freedom during which color-streams of light and shade and movements of forms and spaces invade the consciousness. Realism is not my goal, rather I strive for being-in-the-moment and facing the challenge of painting based on spatial relationships. This means that elements in the landscape must be reduced to simple color planes keyed together on the surface.  

“Carolina’s countryside and coast furnish a prime inspiration for my paintings. Their lush waterways and skies invite me to share my vision of them through paintings. As a Midwesterner, I also paint the plains, deserts and mountains of Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado. This land is inhospitable to human habitation yet generations of artists felt its pull. It is a large landscape where the dry atmosphere exaggerates distance and where absolute quiet stops the sense of time. The pure space, punctuated by dramatic and seemingly timeless land forms and rivers, is extraordinary. The clarity of the colors of earth, plants, water, and indeed, of the very air, together with the soft desert palette makes for a special universe of light, without human touch or sound. I’ve always known that I’d paint this land. Someday I’ll do it in moonlight.

“I have benefited from a lifetime of analyzing the art techniques of masters, living and dead, in the US and abroad. In particular, I am inspired by Edgar Payne, John Sargent and Joaquin Sorolla.  I studied with Bob Rohm, Camille Przewodek, Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon.”