Leigh Rodenbough

Leigh Rodenbough was compulsively drawing and painting from a young age and wanted to study art in college but was advised by his father to learn something that would prepare him for the “real” world. After serving as an officer in the navy during WWII Rodenbough earned a law degree, married, raised a family and ran a private law practice for 51 years.  Although the creative spirit in him was largely suppressed for most of those years, the urge to be an artist remained firmly anchored deep within him, ready to boil over at the appropriate time. Upon turning 70 Leigh established a routine of setting aside one day a week to draw, paint and study art books in his studio. He also took workshops from artists whose works he admired. At the age of 80 he closed down his law practice and became a full-time, professional artist, fulfilling his life-long dream. He is now one of the Triad’s most sought-after painters of exquisite landscapes and seascapes.

Artist statement:

“Real progress in life goes on between the ears.  Regardless of age, one should continue to focus on the future and move in the direction of doing that which fulfills them.  Retirement is simply an opportunity to develop hidden talents and increase one’s capacity of self-expression." 




PRICE RANGE: $2,000-4,000